PROFIBUS Connectors M12

Data Connectors D-Sub (9-pin.) For PROFIBUS DP according to IEC 61158, IEC 61784, with M12 (B-coded), 180 °, 90 °, 35 ° cable outlet, diagnosis LED and PG

Plug & Play together with ready-to-use PROFIBUS M12 cordsets

Supplementary automation components from Lapp Assembly time Low weight Space requirement


Article number Article designation Version PG-Interface Diagnostic LEDs
ED-PB-PG-90-M12 M12 yes no


  • Cost-efficient due to quick installation (Plug & Play)
  • sensor/ ac
  • No loose parts
  • Terminating resistor (integrated) can be switched
  • Suitable for assembled M12 PB cables

Product features

  • Max. transmission rate 12 Mbit/s possible
  • Current consumption max. 12,5 mA
  • Supply voltage 4.75 - 5.25 V DC
    (supplied from the terminal)
  • Switch can also be operated when the
    connector is plugged and setting is
    clearly visible
  • Terminating resistor "ON" - the outbound bus cable is disconnected

Norm references / Approvals

  • IEC 61158, IEC 61784
  • UL File No. E331560

Product Make-up

  • D-Sub plug, 9-pin, fixing screws 4-40 UNC
  • Connector M12, B-coded
  • Improved electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) by metallized housing
  • Version with additional Sub-D port for programming/diagnostic ('PG')

Classification ETIM 5

  • ETIM 5.0 Class-ID: EC001132
  • ETIM 5.0 Class-Description: D-Sub connector

Classification ETIM 6

  • ETIM 6.0 Class-ID: EC001132
  • ETIM 6.0 Class-Description: D-Sub connector


  • 70 mm x 40 mm x 17 mm (L x W x H)

Connection type

  • M12

Protection rating

  • IP 20

Terminating resistor

  • 150 Ω


  • PROFIBUS station:
    D-Sub socket, 9-pin
    PROFIBUS cable:
    M12 PB system cabling

Permissble ambient conditions

  • Operating temperature: -25°C to +85°C
  • *The max. temperature for UL is 60 °C

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