EVCS2 Tester type 2

Test device for EVCS charging facilities (Type 2 socket)

EVCS2 Tester type 2

Article number Article designation
74880624 EVCS2 Tester Typ 2

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  • Ensure that your charging station works properly and is safe to use
  • Preset of charging cable coding to test max. charging current, check of PE-connection between PWM and vehicle connector, Simulation of disconnection of the PE-ground wire
  • Simulation of different car status values, monitoring of PWM-signal (measurement socket CP) / of phase L1, L2, L3, rotating field indicaton, test sockets (for simulation of external failure currents)

Application range

  • Handy device for simulation of different status at a charging station
  • Easy simulation of charging cable resistor coding, charging status changes or failures
  • Integrated measuring signal enables easy visualisation of CP CWM signal (e.g. on oscilloscope)

Product Make-up

  • Dimensions HxWxD: 205x105x40 mm
  • Plastic housing with rubber covering on the sites
  • Charging connector Type 2 with 1 m connection cable