Fixed installation, direct burial; PVC cable with solid aluminium conductors

NAYY-J, VDE, PVC power cable acc. HD603 / VDE 0276-603, cables with aluminium conductor for direct burial, building installation and fixed installation

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  • With aluminium conductor

Suitable for outdoor use


Article number Number of cores and mm² per conductorAlu index (kg/km)Outer diameter [mm]Weight (kg/km)
1 x 70rm20318.0410
1 x 95rm27620.0570
1 x 120rm34821.0620
1 x 150rm43523.0735
1 x 185rm53625.0845
1 x 240rm69628.01100
1 x 300rm87030.01379
4 x 35re406291170
4 x 50se580301305
4 x 70se812351730
4 x 95se1102392205
4 x 120se1392422655
4 x 150se1740463150
4 x 185se2146513925
4 x 240se2784604880

Application range

  • Power and control cable for fixed installation in the following applications:
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Burial without additional, suitable underground protection according to VDE standard HD 603/VDE 0276-603 - Part 3-G (point 4) governing PVC cables for direct burial: normal minimum installation depth 0.6 m, but at least 0.8 m under roads
  • In concrete with a temperature below the maximum cable operating temperature of +70 °C according to the VDE standard HD 603/VDE 0276-603 - Part 3-G (point 4) governing PVC cables for direct burial

Product features

  • Flame-retardant according IEC 60332-1-2
  • Maximum tensile strain for aluminium conductors during installation is 30 N/mm² according to HD 603/VDE 0276-603: Part 1 Appendix A.4.12 and Part 3-G point 4
  • Current rating according to HD 603/VDE 0276-603, Part 3-G, Table 14 (buried at +20 °C ground temperature according to HD 603/VDE 0276-603, Part 3-G, point 5) for routing underground and Table 15 (in the air at an air temperature of +30 °C according to HD 603/VDE 0276-603, Part 3-G, point 5) when used outdoors; but always taking into consideration corrections/reductions to the current rating that may be necessary according to VDE 0298-4, and VDE 0298-4 (also refer to the catalogue appendix T12) for installation in and on buildings

Norm references / Approvals

  • HD 603/VDE 0276-603

Product Make-up

  • Aluminium conductor
  • Abbreviations "re", "se":
    r = round conductor form;
    s = sectorial conductor form;
    e = single-wire conductor;
  • Core insulation: Based on PVC
  • Filling compound over the core assembly
  • Outer sheath: Based on PVC

Classification ETIM 5

  • ETIM 5.0 Class-ID: EC000057
  • ETIM 5.0 Class-Description: Low voltage power cable

Classification ETIM 6

  • ETIM 6.0 Class-ID: EC000057
  • ETIM 6.0 Class-Description: Low voltage power cable

Core identification code

  • According to VDE 0293-308 (table T9)

Conductor stranding

  • Single or multi-wire

Minimum bending radius

  • Fixed installation: 12 x outer diameter

Nominal voltage

  • U0/U: 0.6/1.0 kV

Test voltage

  • 4000 V

Protective conductor

  • J = with GN-YE protective conductor
  • O = without protective conductor

Temperature range

  • During installation: -5°C to +50°C
  • Fixed installation: -30°C to +70°C

  • Unless specified otherwise, the shown product values are nominal values. Detailed values (e.g. tolerances) are available upon request.
  • Aluminium price basis: excludes aluminium. Refer to catalogue appendix T17 for the application and definition of "Metal price basis" and "Metal index".
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