SHIELD-KON® two-part screen connector

SHIELD-KON® two-part screen connector for connecting screened cables, inner sleeve GSB, outer sleeve GSC, reliable connection

Consists of inner and outer sleeve

RailInterference signals

Article number Article designationColourInner x outer sleeve Ø (mm)Suitable crimp insertNestPieces / PU
Inner sleeves
61749430GSB 046silver1.17 x 1.9--100
61749440GSB 058yellow1.47 x 2.1--100
61749450GSB 063red1.6 x 2.23--100
61749460GSB 071green1.87 x 2.44--100
61749470GSB 080blue2 x 2.63--100
61749480GSB 090orange2.2 x 2.9--100
61749490GSB 096purple2.44 x 3.02--100
61749500GSB 101yellow2.56 x 3.16--100
61749510GSB 109red2.76 x 3.36--100
61749520GSB 115silver2.92 x 3.7--100
61749530GSB 124green3.14 x 3.68--100
61749540GSB 128silver3.25 x 3.86--100
61749550GSB 134orange3.4 x 4--100
61749560GSB 149blue3.78 x 4.54--100
61749570GSB 156red3.96 x 4.9--100
61749580GSB 165silver4.2 x 4.92--100
61749590GSB 175green4.44 x 5.46--100
61749600GSB 187yellow4.75 x 5.76--100
61749610GSB 194blue4.93 x 5.76--100
61749620GSB 205orange5.2 x 6.22--100
61749630GSB 219silver5.56 x 6.35--100
61749640GSB 225yellow5.71 x 6.5--100
61749650GSB 232red5.9 x 6.7--100
61749660GSB 250green6.35 x 7.14--100
61749670GSB 261blue6.63 x 7.54--100
61749680GSB 266silver6.75 x 7.54--100
61749690GSB 275orange6.98 x 7.77--100
61749700GSB 281yellow7.14 x 8.4--100
61749710GSB 287silver7.29 x 8.3--100
61749720GSB 297red7.54 x 8.5--100
61749730GSB 312purple7.92 x 9.2--100
61749740GSB 348orange8.84 x 10.2--100
61749750GSB 375blue9.52 x 10.3--100
Outer sleeves
61749810GSC 101silver2.56 x 3.16PEW 12.1425 SK19100
61749820GSC 128blue3.25 x 3.86PEW 12.1425 SK00100
61749830GSC 149purple3.78 x 4.54PEW 12.1425 SK01100
61749840GSC 156yellow3.96 x 4.9PEW 12.1425 SK02100
61749850GSC 175blue4.4 x 5.46PEW 12.1425 SK03100
61749860GSC 187orange4.75 x 5.76PEW 12.1426 SK6100
61749870GSC 194red4.93 x 5.79PEW 12.1426 SK6100
61749880GSC 199silver5.05 x 5.97PEW 12.1426 SK6100
61749890GSC 205yellow5.2 x 6.22PEW 12.1426 SK8100
61749900GSC 219green5.56 x 6.35PEW 12.1426 SK8100
61749910GSC 225purple5.71 x 6.5PEW 12.1426 SK9100
61749920GSC 232orange5.9 x 6.7PEW 12.1426 SK10100
61749930GSC 261yellow6.63 x 7.54PEW 12.1427 SK11100
61749940GSC 275silver6.98 x 7.77PEW 12.1427 SK12100
61749950GSC 281purple7.14 x 8.4PEW 12.1427 SK14100
61749960GSC 287blue7.29 x 8.3PEW 12.1427 SK14100
61749970GSC 297green7.54 x 8.5PEW 12.1427 SK14100
61749980GSC 312yellow7.95 x 9.2PEW 12.1428 SK15100
61749990GSC 327silver8.3 x 9.45PEW 12.1428 SK16100
61750000GSC 348orange8.84 x 9.98PEW 12.1428 SK17100
61750010GSC 359purple9.12 x 10.13PEW 12.1429 SK50100
61750020GSC 375yellow9.52 x 10.3PEW 12.1429 SK51100
61750030GSC 405red10.28 x 11.5PEW 12.1430 SK52100
61750040GSC 415blue10.54 x 11.76PEW 12.1430 SK52100
61750050GSC 425silver10.8 x 12.06PEW 12.1430 SK54100
61750060GSC 460silver11.68 x 12.95PEW 12S.1440 SK56100
61750070GSC 500green12.7 x 14.6PEW 12S.1440 SK57100


  • A hard, stable inner sleeve absorbs the pressure and protects the conductor on the inside from mechanical stress
  • Hexagonal shaped crimpimg of the soft outer sleeve guarantees a perfect electrical and mechanical connection

Application range

  • For screen cables with a dielectric diameter from 1.1 to 9,4 mm (diameter after removing the screen)
  • Telecommunication
  • Railway applications

Classification ETIM 5

  • ETIM 5.0 Class-ID: EC002650
  • ETIM 5.0 Class-Description: Connection for screened wires

Classification ETIM 6

  • ETIM 6.0 Class-ID: EC002650
  • ETIM 6.0 Class-Description: Connection for screened wires


  • Bronze
  • Galvanically galvanized

Temperature range

  • Temperature shock test
  • 100 cycles of temperature changes between -40°C and +155°C produced a negligible change in the contact resistance.

  • SHIELD-KON® is a registered trademark of ABB.
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