Marking rings Pliosnap

Pliosnap marking rings are delivered with carriers for an easy assembly and the chevrons guarantee a correct orientation of the markers without damaging the cable.

Accessories (storage box) available in the web catalogue

Mechanical and plant engineeringFlame-retardantHalogen-freeAssembly timeSpace requirement

Article number Article designationMarkers / PUPU
Pliosnap 0
61919400Pliosnap 0/0 WH3001
61919401Pliosnap 0/1 WH3001
61919402Pliosnap 0/2 WH3001
61919403Pliosnap 0/3 WH3001
61919404Pliosnap 0/4 WH3001
61919405Pliosnap 0/5 WH3001
61919406Pliosnap 0/6 WH3001
61919407Pliosnap 0/7 WH3001
61919408Pliosnap 0/8 WH3001
61919409Pliosnap 0/9 WH3001
61919410Pliosnap 0/A WH3001
61919411Pliosnap 0/B WH3001
61919412Pliosnap 0/C WH3001
61919413Pliosnap 0/D WH3001
61919414Pliosnap 0/E WH3001
61919415Pliosnap 0/F WH3001
61919416Pliosnap 0/G WH3001
61919417Pliosnap 0/H WH3001
61919418Pliosnap 0/I WH3001
61919419Pliosnap 0/J WH3001
61919420Pliosnap 0/K WH3001
61919421Pliosnap 0/L WH3001
61919422Pliosnap 0/M WH3001
61919423Pliosnap 0/N WH3001
61919424Pliosnap 0/O WH3001
61919425Pliosnap 0/P WH3001
61919426Pliosnap 0/Q WH3001
61919427Pliosnap 0/R WH3001
61919428Pliosnap 0/S WH3001
61919429Pliosnap 0/T WH3001
61919430Pliosnap 0/U WH3001
61919431Pliosnap 0/V WH3001
61919432Pliosnap 0/W WH3001
61919433Pliosnap 0/X WH3001
61919434Pliosnap 0/Y WH3001
61919435Pliosnap 0/Z WH3001
61919436Pliosnap 0/+ WH3001
61919437Pliosnap 0/- WH3001
61919438Pliosnap 0/. WH3001
61919439Pliosnap 0/: WH3001
Pliosnap 1
61919440Pliosnap 1/0 WH3001
61919441Pliosnap 1/1 WH3001
61919442Pliosnap 1/2 WH3001
61919443Pliosnap 1/3 WH3001
61919444Pliosnap 1/4 WH3001
61919445Pliosnap 1/5 WH3001
61919446Pliosnap 1/6 WH3001
61919447Pliosnap 1/7 WH3001
61919448Pliosnap 1/8 WH3001
61919449Pliosnap 1/9 WH3001
61919450Pliosnap 1/A WH3001
61919451Pliosnap 1/B WH3001
61919452Pliosnap 1/C WH3001
61919453Pliosnap 1/D WH3001
61919454Pliosnap 1/E WH3001
61919455Pliosnap 1/F WH3001
61919456Pliosnap 1/G WH3001
61919457Pliosnap 1/H WH3001
61919458Pliosnap 1/I WH3001
61919459Pliosnap 1/J WH3001
61919460Pliosnap 1/K WH3001
61919461Pliosnap 1/L WH3001
61919462Pliosnap 1/M WH3001
61919463Pliosnap 1/N WH3001
61919464Pliosnap 1/O WH3001
61919465Pliosnap 1/P WH3001
61919466Pliosnap 1/Q WH3001
61919467Pliosnap 1/R WH3001
61919468Pliosnap 1/S WH3001
61919469Pliosnap 1/T WH3001
61919470Pliosnap 1/U WH3001
61919471Pliosnap 1/V WH3001
61919472Pliosnap 1/W WH3001
61919473Pliosnap 1/X WH3001
61919474Pliosnap 1/Y WH3001
61919475Pliosnap 1/Z WH3001
61919476Pliosnap 1/+ WH3001
61919477Pliosnap 1/- WH3001
61919478Pliosnap 1. WH3001
61919479Pliosnap 1/ :3001
Pliosnap 2
61919480Pliosnap 2/0 WH3001
61919481Pliosnap 2/1 WH3001
61919482Pliosnap 2/2 WH3001
61919483Pliosnap 2/3 WH3001
61919484Pliosnap 2/4 WH3001
61919485Pliosnap 2/5 WH3001
61919486Pliosnap 2/6 WH3001
61919487Pliosnap 2/7 WH3001
61919488Pliosnap 2/8 WH3001
61919489Pliosnap 2/9 WH3001
61919490Pliosnap 2/A WH1001
61919491Pliosnap 2/B WH3001
61919492Pliosnap 2/C WH3001
61919493Pliosnap 2/D WH3001
61919494Pliosnap 2/E WH3001
61919495Pliosnap 2/F WH3001
61919496Pliosnap 2/G WH3001
61919497Pliosnap 2/H WH3001
61919498Pliosnap 2/I WH3001
61919499Pliosnap 2/J WH3001
61919500Pliosnap 2/K WH3001
61919501Pliosnap 2/L WH3001
61919502Pliosnap 2/M WH3001
61919503Pliosnap 2/N WH3001
61919504Pliosnap 2/O WH3001
61919505Pliosnap 2/P WH3001
61919506Pliosnap 2/Q WH3001
61919507Pliosnap 2/R WH3001
61919508Pliosnap 2/S WH3001
61919509Pliosnap 2/T WH3001
61919510Pliosnap 2/U WH3001
61919511Pliosnap 2/V WH3001
61919512Pliosnap 2/W WH3001
61919513Pliosnap 2/X WH3001
61919514Pliosnap 2/Y WH3001
61919515Pliosnap 2/Z WH3001
61919516Pliosnap 2/+ WH3001
61919517Pliosnap 2/- WH3001
61919518Pliosnap 2/. WH3001
61919519Pliosnap 2/ : WH3001
Pliosnap 3
61919520Pliosnap 3/0 WH3001
61919521Pliosnap 3/1 WH3001
61919522Pliosnap 3/2 WH3001
61919523Pliosnap 3/3 WH3001
61919524Pliosnap 3/4 WH3001
61919525Pliosnap 3/5 WH3001
61919526Pliosnap 3/6 WH3001
61919527Pliosnap 3/7 WH3001
61919528Pliosnap 3/8 WH3001
61919529Pliosnap 3/9 WH3001
61919530Pliosnap 3/A WH3001
61919531Pliosnap 3/B WH3001
61919532Pliosnap 3/C WH3001
61919533Pliosnap 3/D WH3001
61919534Pliosnap 3/E WH3001
61919535Pliosnap 3/F WH3001
61919536Pliosnap 3/G WH3001
61919537Pliosnap 3/H WH3001
61919538Pliosnap 3/I WH3001
61919539Pliosnap 3/J WH3001
61919540Pliosnap 3/K WH3001
61919541Pliosnap 3/L WH3001
61919542Pliosnap 3/M WH3001
61919543Pliosnap 3/N WH3001
61919544Pliosnap 3/O WH3001
61919545Pliosnap 3/P WH3001
61919546Pliosnap 3/Q WH3001
61919547Pliosnap 3/R WH3001
61919548Pliosnap 3/S WH3001
61919549Pliosnap 3/T WH3001
61919550Pliosnap 3/U WH3001
61919551Pliosnap 3/V WH3001
61919552Pliosnap 3/W WH3001
61919553Pliosnap 3/X WH3001
61919554Pliosnap 3/Y WH3001
61919555Pliosnap 3/Z WH3001
61919556Pliosnap 3/+ WH3001
61919557Pliosnap 3/- WH3001
61919558Pliosnap 3/. WH3001
61919559Pliosnap 3/ : WH3001
Pliosnap 6
61919560Pliosnap 6/0 WH3001
61919561Pliosnap 6/1 WH3001
61919562Pliosnap 6/2 WH3001
61919563Pliosnap 6/3 WH3001
61919564Pliosnap 6/4 WH3001
61919565Pliosnap 6/5 WH3001
61919566Pliosnap 6/6 WH3001
61919567Pliosnap 6/7 WH3001
61919568Pliosnap 6/8 WH3001
61919569Pliosnap 6/9 WH3001
61919570Pliosnap 6/A WH3001
61919571Pliosnap 6/B WH3001
61919572Pliosnap 6/C WH3001
61919573Pliosnap 6/D WH3001
61919574Pliosnap 6/E WH3001
61919575Pliosnap 6/F WH3001
61919576Pliosnap 6/G WH3001
61919577Pliosnap 6/H WH3001
61919578Pliosnap 6/I WH3001
61919579Pliosnap 6/J WH3001
61919580Pliosnap 6/K WH3001
61919581Pliosnap 6/L WH3001
61919582Pliosnap 6/M WH3001
61919583Pliosnap 6/N WH3001
61919584Pliosnap 6/O WH3001
61919585Pliosnap 6/P WH3001
61919586Pliosnap 6/Q WH3001
61919587Pliosnap 6/R WH3001
61919588Pliosnap 6/S WH3001
61919589Pliosnap 6/T WH3001
61919590Pliosnap 6 U/WH3001
61919591Pliosnap 6/V WH3001
61919592Pliosnap 6/W WH3001
61919593Pliosnap 6/X WH3001
61919594Pliosnap 6/Y WH3001
61919595Pliosnap 6/Z WH3001
61919596Pliosnap 6/+ WH3001
61919597Pliosnap 6/- WH3001
61919598Pliosnap 6/. WH3001
61919599Pliosnap 6/ : WH3001
Pliosnap 9
61919600Pliosnap 9/0 WH3001
61919601Pliosnap 9/1 WH3001
61919602Pliosnap 9/2 WH3001
61919603Pliosnap 9/3 WH3001
61919604Pliosnap 9/4 WH3001
61919605Pliosnap 9/5 WH3001
61919606Pliosnap 9/6 WH3001
61919607Pliosnap 9/7 WH3001
61919608Pliosnap 9/8 WH3001
61919609Pliosnap 9/9 WH3001
61919610Pliosnap 9/A WH3001
61919611Pliosnap 9/B WH3001
61919612Pliosnap 9/C WH3001
61919613Pliosnap 9/D WH3001
61919614Pliosnap 9/E WH3001
61919615Pliosnap 9/F WH3001
61919616Pliosnap 9/G WH3001
61919617Pliosnap 9/H WH3001
61919618Pliosnap 9/I WH3001
61919619Pliosnap 9/J WH3001
61919620Pliosnap 9/K WH3001
61919621Pliosnap 9/L WH3001
61919622Pliosnap 9/M WH3001
61919623Pliosnap 9/N WH3001
61919624Pliosnap 9/O WH3001
61919625Pliosnap 9/P WH3001
61919626Pliosnap 9/Q WH3001
61919627Pliosnap 9/R WH3001
61919628Pliosnap 9/S WH3001
61919629Pliosnap 9/T WH3001
61919630Pliosnap 9/U WH3001
61919631Pliosnap 9/V WH3001
61919632Pliosnap 9/W WH3001
61919633Pliosnap 9/X WH3001
61919634Pliosnap 9/Y WH3001
61919635Pliosnap 9/Z WH3001
61919636Pliosnap 9/+ WH3001
61919637Pliosnap 9/- WH3001
61919638Pliosnap 9/. WH3001
61919639Pliosnap 9/ : WH3001
Pliosnap 12
61919640Pliosnap 12/0 WH3001
61919641Pliosnap 12/1 WH3001
61919642Pliosnap 12/2 WH3001
61919643Pliosnap 12/3 WH3001
61919644Pliosnap 12/4 WH3001
61919645Pliosnap 12/5 WH3001
61919646Pliosnap 12/6 WH3001
61919647Pliosnap 12/7 WH3001
61919648Pliosnap 12/8 WH3001
61919649Pliosnap 12/9 WH3001


  • Fast and easy assembly
  • Mounting wands have a foot for handle-ready position
  • Rings grip the conductor tightly withou th risk of damaging the insulation
  • Due to chevrons on both sides the markers take up correct orientation

Application range

  • Marking of single cores and cables in terminal blocks, also with limited space
  • Marking after assembly

Product features

  • Cross-section in mm2:
    Pliosnap 0: optical fibre cables
    Pliosnap 1: 0.32
    Pliosnap 2: 0.50
    Pliosnap 3: 0.75
    Pliosnap 6: 1-1.5
    Pliosnap 9: 2.5
    Pliosnap 12: 4-6
  • Diameter application area in mm:
    Pliosnap 0: 0.8-1
    Pliosnap 1: 1-1.4
    Pliosnap 2: 1.4-1.8
    Pliosnap 3: 1.9-2.6
    Pliosnap 6: 2.6-3.5
    Pliosnap 9: 3.2-4.5
    Pliosnap 12: 4.5-6

Norm references / Approvals

  • Fire behaviour according to UL 94 HB


  • 1 PU = 300 markers on 10 (Pliosnap 0 - 6) or 12 (Pliosnap 9 + 12) carriers

Classification ETIM 5

  • ETIM 5.0 Class-ID: EC001288
  • ETIM 5.0 Class-Description: Labelling material

Classification ETIM 6

  • ETIM 6.0 Class-ID: EC001288
  • ETIM 6.0 Class-Description: Labelling material


  • Dielectric strength: 20 kV/mm
    Tensile strength at yield: 45 MPa
    Elongation at break: 40 %
    Elasticity: 1800 MPa

Colour delivered

  • White
  • Colour Carrier:
    Pliosnap 0: black
    Pliosnap 1: brown
    Pliosnap 2: grey
    Pliosnap 3: green
    Pliosnap 6: red
    Pliosnap 9: blue
    Pliosnap 12: yellow


  • Polyoxymethylen (POM)

Temperature range

  • -40 °C to +90 °C

  • Photographs and graphics are not to scale and do not represent detailed images of the respective products.
  • FLEXIMARK® products are sold in packaging units. As example if you like to order 640 labels of LCK 32 you just need to order 1 PU instead of 640 single labels.