TRONIC Single core cart

Shelf carts for storing single cores

Matching single wire rings under H05V-K and H07V-K (Maxi ring) available

Article number Article designation Dimension in mm Weight (kg)
85001632 TRONIC Box D=310.0, H=103.0 0.7
85001624 TRONIC Single core cart 12 L=670.0, W=610.0, H=950.0 19
85001629 TRONIC Single core cart 48 L=865.0, W=770.0, H=1460.0 106
85001625 TRONIC Module L=335.0, W=335.0, H=280.0 2.6
Carts incl. modules
85001621 TRONIC Module single core cart 6x2 L=610.0, W=580.0, H=1160.0 29
85001622 TRONIC Module single core cart 18x2 L=840.0, W=820.0, H=1400.0 93


  • Easy removal of single core rings
  • easy placement of the rings
  • flexible storage capacities
  • kanban-capable

Application range

  • Storage of single wires
  • Mobile Solution "Articles about Man / Machine"

Product features

  • TRONIC module consists of 2 TRONIC mounted on a holder


  • Fits for cable rings:
  • Cable outerdiameter: max. 10 mm
    Coil Diameter: max. 295 mm
    Inner diameter: 80-180 mm
    Heigth: max. 80 mm

General data

  • Max. load per TRONIC: 7 kg


  • Painted steel

  • TRONIC is a brand name of the company Meccanica Nicoletti S.R.L.
  • Photographs and graphics are not to scale and do not represent detailed images of the respective products.