Drum cardboard

Universal drum dispenser

The cardboard can also be ordered filled with a cable. In this case, please contact our customer service

Article number Article designation
85008061Drum cardboard


  • Simple unwinding directly from the box
  • Can be stacked at the Location
  • Dispenser solution (reusable)
  • Cardboard provides protection against damage and contamination

Application range

  • Transporting, storing and unwinding of cable drums

Product features

  • Folding and tilting system allows easy insertion of the drum
  • Suitable for drums with a flange diameter of 40cm
  • Manual transport by means of carrier handles
  • For unwinding, the cable is simply pulled through the opening in the cardboard


  • Drum width: up to 40cm
  • Dimensions:
    L=480, W=430, H=450mm

General data

  • Max. load: 30 kg

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