Power and control cables with colour-coded PVC sheathed conductors


Suitable for outdoor useAssembly timeOil-resistantReliabilityUV-resistant


Article number Number of cores and mm² per conductorOuter diameter [mm]Copper index (kg/km)Weight (kg/km)
3 G 6.012.2172.8287


  • Simplification of the gasket due to the optimal outer diameter and core of the 5th flexibility class
  • Increased electrical requirements, 4 kV test voltage
  • Higher requirements to physical and mechanical properties, stricter test conditions in comparison with GOST 31947

Application range

  • For stationary use as well as for installation with limited mobility. A gasket in a bundle is permitted.
  • Cable of climatic version Y 1.1, 3, 3.1 for operation in premises with dry or wet environment, including without artificially regulated climatic conditions
  • In conditions with medium mechanical loads
  • .
  • For electrical installations, lighting networks, installation and production of industrial electrical equipment, machines, mechanisms, machines, machines, production lines.
  • For power supply of measuring and control devices, for connection of electric devices and electric tools of household purpose, means of small mechanization of gardening.
  • For the manufacture of extension cords
  • For domestic and industrial installation of power supply in compliance with the installation requirements (use of pressurized or brazed connection terminals)

Product features

  • Does not spread combustion at a single laying, corresponds to the fire hazard class O1. according to GOST 31565

Norm references / Approvals

  • Conforms to the requirements of TR TC 004/2011
  • Conforms to the requirements of TROPB (№123-FZ) GOST R 53315-2009 (p.5.2.) PRGO 1


  • Copper fine wire conductors, class 5 flexibility according to IEC 60228, VDE 0295, GOST 22483.
  • Insulation of PVC-plasticate TI 2 conductors according to EN 50363-3, VDE 0207-363-3, GOST 5960
  • PVC plastic sheeting TM 2 according to EN 50363-4-1/VDE 0207-363-4-1, GOST 5960, silver-grey (RAL 7000/1)

Core identification code

  • Colour coding according to VDE 0293-1, GOST 31947, with yellow-green grounding.

Specific insulation resistance

  • > 20 GOhm x cm

Conductor stranding

  • Flexibility Class 5 according to VDE 0295/IEC 60228/GOST 22483

Minimum bending radius

  • occasional flexing: 15 x cable diameter
  • Fixed installation: 4 x outer diameter

Nominal voltage

  • U0/U: 300/500 V

Test voltage

  • 4000 V

Protective conductor

  • G = with GN-YE protective conductor
  • X = without protective conductor

Temperature range

  • Limited mobility: - 20 to + 70 °C
  • Fixed installation: -60°C to +80°C

  • Unless specified otherwise, the shown product values are nominal values. Detailed values (e.g. tolerances) are available upon request.
  • Standard lengths: (100; 500; 1000) m
  • Packaging size: coil ≤ 30 kg or ≤ 250 m, otherwise drum
  • Transportation and storage of cables must comply with GOST 18690.
  • Storage period in covered warehouses, excluding the impact of direct sunlight, rainfall and dust not more than 5 years.
  • Photographs are not presented at the exact scale and are not illustrations of the respective products in detail.