Conductor end sleeves XL, insulated

Insulated conductor end sleeves particular for UL (MTW)-CSA-HAR multi-standard single cores, funnel-shaped insulation sleeve opening


Article number Article designationFor mm²UL certificationColourl1 mml2 mmd1 mms1 mmd2 mms2 mmSuitable crimp insertPieces / PU
61802061Conductor end sleeves XL 0.5 WH 80.5nowhite13.581.10.1530.25PEW 12.090500
61802062Conductor end sleeves XL 0.5 WH 100.5nowhite15.5101.10.1530.25PEW 12.090500
61802063Conductor end sleeves XL 0.75 GY 80.75nogrey1481. 12.090500
61802064Conductor end sleeves XL 0.75 GY 100.75nogrey16101. 12.090500
61802065Conductor end sleeves XL 1.0 RD 81nored1481. 12.090500
61802066Conductor end sleeves XL 1.0 RD 101nored16101. 12.090500
61802067Conductor end sleeves XL 1.5 BK 81.5noblack1481. 12.090500
61802068Conductor end sleeves XL 1.5 BK 101.5noblack16101. 12.090500
61802069Conductor end sleeves XL 16.0 BU 1216noblue231260.29.50.4PEW 12.091100


  • The specially produced conductor end sleeves with funnel-shaped insulation sleeve opening make it significantly easier to slip on the strands

Application range

  • Suitable conductor end sleeves for UL(MTW)-CSA-HAR multi-standard single cores
  • Because of their certifications for numerous markets, special conductor end sleeves with the cross sections listed below are needed for our multi-standard single cores
  • The conductor is permanently connected to the collar by crimping

Norm references / Approvals

  • All DIN conductor end-sleeves are in accordance with DIN 46228 Part 4


  • For 2,5 mm², 4 mm², 6 mm² and 10 mm² the standard AHI end sleeves could be used as the insulation thickness does only vary slightly from "standard cables"

Classification ETIM 5

  • ETIM 5.0 Class-ID: EC000005
  • ETIM 5.0 Class-Description: Cable end sleeve

Classification ETIM 6

  • ETIM 6.0 Class-ID: EC000005
  • ETIM 6.0 Class-Description: Cable end sleeve


  • Halogen-free and silicone-free


  • Sleeve made of tin-plated electrolytic copper
  • Polypropylene plastic collar

Temperature range

  • Permanent load -5°C up to +105°C, temporary load +120°C

  • Sleeves are available in 8 and 10 mm lengths, depending on the type of application.
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