EPIC® DATA SPE Connectors

The compact Single Pair Ethernet connector with crimp termination is perfect for applications where space is limited. The SPE connector can be installed faster, more easily and more cost-effectively than a conventional Ethernet connector. The connector face complies with the DIN EN IEC 63171-6 standard.

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  • Fast information exchange thanks to future-proof Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) technology for a consistent and uniform network infrastructure right up to the field level.
  • Compact design for use in restricted spaces.
  • Time-saving and simplified installation compared to conventional Ethernet connectors.
  • Connector face of the SPE connector in accordance with DIN EN IEC 63171-6.
  • Power over Data Line (PoDL)-capable connector according to IEEE 802.3bu for simultaneous power and data supply of SPE terminal devices with low energy requirements (up to 50 W).

Application range

  • For establishing a detachable Single Pair Ethernet connection.
  • Typical applications include control cabinets, industrial robots and field equipment.
  • For use with the SPE circuit board socket EPIC® DATA SPE-6 PCB F.

Norm references / Approvals

  • DIN EN IEC 63171-6

Product Make-up

  • For AWG26 crimp termination

Protection rating

  • IP 20

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