Single Pair Ethernet data cable for highly flexible use

Highly flexible, shielded single pair Ethernet data cable with PUR outer jacket and UL approval. Suitable for continuous flexing use in drag chains.

  • Single Pair Ethernet
  • Industrial Ethernet at the Edge
  • For highly flexible applications

Supplementary automation components from LappMechanical and plant engineeringSuitable for outdoor useFlame-retardantHalogen-freeMechanical resistanceAssembly timeLow weightSpace requirementPower chainInterference signals


Article number Article designationNumber of pairs and AWG per conductorCore diameter in mmOuter diameter mmCopper index (kg/km)Weight (kg/km)
ETHERLINE T1 FD P 1x2x26/19AWG1x2x26/19AWG1.054.612.327.4


  • Successfully tested to over 3.0 million bending cycles in the drag chain.
  • Fast information exchange through future-proof Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) technology for a continuous and uniform network infrastructure down to the field level.
  • A single-pair cable design saves weight and space. Small bending radii and outer diameters are essential for the connection to the field level.
  • Power-over-Data-Line (PoDL)-capable line according to IEEE 802.3bu for simultaneous power and data supply of SPE terminals with low power requirements (up to 50 W).
  • Ideal protection against electromagnetic interference due to double shielding of aluminum-clad foil and copper braided shield with high coverage (SF/UTP).

Application range

  • For Single-Pair-Ethernet applications 100Base-T1 according to IEEE 802.3bw and 1000Base-T1 according to IEEE 802.3bp.
  • Cable design allows highly flexible, continuously moving use in moving machine parts and in the drag chain.
  • Can be used in dry, damp and especially in harsh and oily environments.
  • PUR outer sheath withstands high mechanical loads
  • PUR outer sheath is insensitive to mineral oil-based lubricants and chemically resistant in many cases

Product features

  • UV-resistant according to ISO 4892-2
  • PUR versions: UL AWM Style 20549
  • Flame-retardant according to IEC 60332-1-2, UL FT-2 flame test
  • Halogen-free according to IEC 60754-1
  • Oil-resistant according to EN 50363-10-2

Norm references / Approvals

  • IEEE 802.3cg: 10BASE-T1
  • IEEE 802.3bw: 100BASE-T1
  • IEEE 802.3bp: 1000BASE-T1
  • Electrical performance acc. to IEC 61156-12

Product Make-up

  • fine-wire stranded bare copper, 19-wire
  • Core insulation: Based on Polyolefin
  • Screening: wrapping of laminated aluminium foil in combination with tinned copper braiding
  • Outer sheath: PUR compound, halogen-free

Classification ETIM 5

  • ETIM 5.0 Class-ID: EC000830
  • ETIM 5.0 Class-Description: Data cable

Classification ETIM 6

  • ETIM 6.0 Class-ID: EC000830
  • ETIM 6.0 Class-Description: Data cable

Peak operating voltage

  • (not for power applications) 125 V

Minimum bending radius

  • Fixed installation: 4 x outer diameter
  • Flexing: 15 x outer diameter

Test voltage

  • C/C: 2000 V
  • C/S: 2000 V

Characteristic impedance

  • nom. 100 Ω

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