EPIC® DATA SPE Patchcords

The Single Pair Ethernet patch cable, assembled on both sides, creates a detachable SPE connection. The double-shielded patch cable's overmoulded connectors provide a secure hold and the cable assembly makes installation easier thanks to the small bending radii and outer diameter. Power supply via Power over Data Line included!

  • Cat.6A acc. to ISO/IEC 11801
  • Colour-coded assembly aid
  • installation without tools

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  • Fast information exchange thanks to future-proof Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) technology for a consistent and uniform network infrastructure right up to the field level.
  • A single-pair cable design saves weight and space. Small bending radii and outer diameters are essential for the connection to the field level.
  • The patch cable assembled on both sides saves time during installation and reduces or eliminates the potential for errors during on-site assembly.
  • Ideal protection against electromagnetic interference due to double shielding of aluminum-clad foil and copper braided shield with high coverage (SF/UTP).
  • Secure hold and increased mechanical stability thanks to overmoulded connectors.

Application range

  • For establishing a detachable Single Pair Ethernet connection.
  • For Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) applications 100Base-T1 according to IEEE 802.3bw and 1000Base-T1 according to IEEE 802.3bp.
  • Typical applications include control cabinets, industrial robots and field equipment.
  • For use with the SPE circuit board socket EPIC® DATA SPE-6 PCB F.
  • For fixed installation and occasional flexing.
    Can be used in dry rooms.
    Suitable for moderate mechanical stress

Norm references / Approvals

  • DIN EN IEC 63171-6

Protection rating

  • IP 20

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