EPIC® MH 1 PE 250A

The mixed assembly guarantees high flexibility. For applications in machine and plant engineering, for robotics and slide-in technology.

Article number Article descriptionContact typeSlotsPL_VERPACKUNGSEINHEIT1
EPIC® MHS 1 PE CM 250Amale21
EPIC® MHB 1 PE CM 250Afemale21


  • Modular connector system, plugable with the market standard
  • Protective earth conductor module (PE) for a safe PE connection with connection to the frame and housing
  • Crimp connection up to 95mm² for maximum contact safety with the cable
  • Railway applications
    - Fire protection on railway vehicles: Test according EN 45545-2. Requirement sets R22 and R23. Hazard level HL1, HL2 and HL3

Application range

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Renewable energy
  • Test equipment building
  • Plant engineering
  • Railway applications / vehicle construction

Rated voltage (V)

  • 1000 V AC/DC

Rated impulse voltage

  • 8 kV

Rated current (A)

  • 250

Pollution degree

  • 3


  • UL94 V-0

Number of contacts

  • 1

Termination methods

  • Crimp termination: 25mm² ... 95mm²
  • Stranded wire for PE connection to the module frame


  • PA Polyamid

Cycle of mechanical operation

  • 500

Temperature range

  • -40°C to +120°C

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